Welcome to our favorite suburb of St. Louis.

Kirkwood, we like you. You have so much to offer. And we feel lucky to have our ABA clinic located in the former Kirkwood Cinema building — in the center of the community.

Our Kirkwood clinic is special and growing. This is a place where life-changing ABA services are happening, where clients with autism and other behavioral concerns are finding purpose and growth. 

P.S. We recently launched in-home services to ensure we meet the needs of ALL our clients. 

We like to have fun, too.

Work-life balance is important to us. We want our staff to have a fulfilling career and life outside of Morning Star. And we’re confident this suburb of The Lou will feel like home.

For newbies to the city, here are some of our favorite things: baked goods from this place, play at The Magic House, and walking around downtown

The activities and fun are truly endless. Kirkwood is a great place to live and work and experience ABA services done differently.

Stay tuned, stay in touch.

Now that you’re interested in our spot in The Lou, get to know us. Got a question about our programs or employment opportunities? We’ve got answers. Give us a ring at (314) 806-0735.

You can also contact us on our website or follow us on socials.