behavioral services

applying the principles of behaviorism


Out of the lab and into the world.

our therapeutic alliance


All of our relationships are driven out of an alliance established by Morning Star with the individual that we serve. This is by far the most important relationship that we will have and the most pivotal part of the treatment program. Within that alliance, change and trust occurs.

By fostering the relationship that we have with the individual while introducing new and safe opportunities for success in their environment, we create behavioral momentum.

Once this alliance has been established, we will expand the team one by one as the individual leads, starting with paid staff and continuing to other people in their life in order to customize natural supports.

cooperative interaction


Cooperative Interaction is one of the building blocks of what is called the Therapeutic Alliance. This method of care is most of the time counterintuitive to people providing direct care. In this model, the direct support professional will literally give control slowly and gradually to the person to not only reinforce newfound independence, but also so the reliance that the person has on the support will be weakened.

This method teaches not only basic negotiation skills, but also a mutual respect for all parties involved.

programming for the future from the start


This is a very different approach than most behaviorists have today, though the body of research is there to support this approach. Programming for the future dramatically affects the way treatment is carried out. Instead of looking at a particular skill or skill set that we may teach a person, we look at the other end of the telescope and say, “how can this skill dramatically affect this person’s life for the long haul?” If any of these questions cannot be answered with a functional skill that can be measured, we don’t teach it.