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Using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, we employ a complex technology and merge that with compassionate care.

Applied Behavior Analysis finds its foundation by its primary principle, “the person is always right.” We believe that every person does things for a reason and that reason has function. When we find the function of the behavior, we can help the individual find better ways to interact with their environment. This is accomplished through a scientific approach that includes observations, psychometric testing, evaluation, data collection, and graphical analysisof behavior.

at home

We work in the individual’s own environment, creating eco-behavioral designs and true interactional styles that will sustain the individual for years to come.

in the community

The community belongs to the person. With this thought, we create successful approximations of appropriate social skills to help a person become a part of a bigger world.

medication management and analysis

Partnering with medical professionals, we have at our disposal the ability to conduct many psychometric tests, including the ADOS-2, as well as genetic testing.

at school

We collaborate with the school to increase skill acquisition and positive behavior supports. Morning Star currently consults for IEP meetings and designs both behavior programming and Functional Behavior Assessments.

on the job

With our past research in employment, we engage both analytics and culture to tailor-fit a person to their passion. We do this by using an evidence-based approach and by keeping the person in the center of the pursuit.

consultative, component analysis and research services

Morning Star has a rich history in empirical research, including contributions to the original token economy research, as well as employment development.

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