Morning Star Star

what we do


Morning Star has the blessing and honor of working with a diverse group of people. We help adults and children with behavioral concerns, autism spectrum disorder, and learning difficulties.


  • Our partners are well seasoned in helping individuals with both developmental disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Illness and Autism.
  • We accomplish this through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which helps individuals better interact with their environment.
  • Our passion is to serve people by putting them in control of their own future.

you can make a difference


We are a company that holds fast to the technology and the underlying principles of Behavior Analysis while maintaining our humanity and compassion for people. Our Applied Behavior Analysis methods can find the reasons for behaviors and use that data to help individuals find better ways to interact with their environment.

Our chief goal is to put the people we serve in the position to not only be independent, but to dictate their own hopes and dreams, as they lead their team on the journey with them. ABA is known as the “Gold Standard” for treating autism spectrum disorder. We want nothing but the best for our people.