School Based Services

school based services


To the special education teacher who knows their student has more in them but doesn’t know how to get it out of them: We see you. We are here to help and offer hope. We are here to act as partners in every step of the process, giving both teacher and student the resources they need to thrive.  

Morning Star believes in more than just treatment; we believe in actionable plans with the individual at the forefront. Through collaboration between educational leaders, students and their parents, we use a functional behavior assessment paired with natural observations to develop detailed behavior intervention plans.   

Our hope with this process is to teach and motivate students. Their independence is our shared success. By helping school districts streamline their processes, we can free teachers to do what they do best — teach.  Our assessments are done on-site in the settings and classrooms students are most comfortable in. After assessments are completed, we schedule a meeting with the child’s team of teachers, parents and other service providers.   We develop a plan and WE PROVIDE THE TRAINING.  

growth through collaboration 


Morning Star is committed to being a collaborative partner, bridging the gap between home and school, and positively impacting the child in every aspect of their life.  If an extra set of hands is needed to help implement the program, we are happy to help by sending our Registered Behavior Technicians in to bridge the gap. Our technicians are supervised and intensively mentored and trained by our Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.  

We don’t stop in the classroom. We want to see positive growth and independence in every environment a child enters, including parks, vacation destinations and other new environments. Independence is always the goal.  



Most of the time our services are free to schools and covered under commercial insurance or Medicaid. Our goal is not to educate students; That’s your job. We will provide medically necessary treatment that will give students the tools they need to be successful in a classroom. We would be happy to run a custom analysis free of charge to see if it would be a good fit for your school.

Morning Star will not release the program to the individuals caring for a person until everyone feels confident in their training. BCBAs will continue to monitor and refine the program as the data is collected and analyzed for maximum effectiveness within the least restrictive environment.   

Ready to partner and enact the best plan for the student? We’re ready, too. 

Contact us to learn more about partnering with Morning Star in your school and click below for more information on our school-based program.