Employment Is Possible

Working gives everyone a purpose beyond themselves

Preference and Choice

Until a person is able to try and experience multiple options they are not able to form a preference. This process in integrated into every part of our programming however is absolutely essential in providing stable and long lasting employment. It is not only about matching a person to a current economical need but also ensuring that the person’s gifts complement this position and company.

Advocacy Training

Morning Star strives that everyone we work with will be the leader of their own services.This is seen in a tangible way when our
individuals start to lead their own planning meetings and articulating their hopes and dreams. We accomplish this through a series of steps bit by bit giving the individual successful control of the decisions in their life.

Teaching Skills Needed for Our Local Economy

When planning for generalization from the inception of programing, we at all times, keep in mind employment opportunities for the
individual we are serving. We deliberately and objectify shape behaviors that will be marketable in the local work place.

Supporting Positive Behavior in the Workplace

It is important to look for jobs in the community that will complement the ecobehavioral design and will set the person up for success. However it is equally important that we help the person cope with unwanted and unpredictable stimulus that will present themselves in
the community.

Nothing is Impossible

When talking to people about the dynamic of behavior and employment it is crucial to understand that the only person limiting the individual from success is the expectations that we have of them.We must think outside the box to facilitate the gifts that the individual
has to offer our community.

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