Medication Management and Analysis

Partnering with the individuals we serve and medical professionals we not only create an alliance that is therapeutic but one of a heavy scientific validity

Operationalized Behavior Criteria

Put simply, we follow the behavior. Morning Star Behavioral Associates is one of the first and only companies to operationalize the symptoms of mental Illness according to the DSM-V. By doing this we can measure symptoms and more clearly identify the therapeutic dosage of medication. We work daily with psychiatrists who look at the graphical display of data and consider them in making their treatment decisions.This method also gives feedback to the individual served about how they are doing and what they can do as a part of the treatment team.

Physicians Becoming A Part of the Therapeutic Alliance

Putting control of the individuals treatment back into the individuals hands is a profound and different way of practicing medicine. Placing the person first in the quest to find the best possible treatment can be scary but it pays great dividends,independence.
When becoming a part of the alliance the individual and the team work simultaneously to support the persons dream. It also fosters a trust that will prove invaluable to the support of the individual.

Testing for Autism

Morning Star Partners were asked to participate in ADOS-2 training at the Peabody Institute at Vanderbilt University to be certified to give the gold standard assessment for autism. We are able to give this assessment as well as a battery of others that allow us to partner with physicians to give a clear and accurate picture of the person to lead to a diagnosis.Morning Star cannot on its own diagnosis Autism however we can run the assessments which only a select few in the field are given certifications for.

Genetic Testing

Morning Star has also partnered with geneticist with IDgenetix looking at how psychotropic medications metabolize for each person according to their personal DNA. This is done through a simple swab of the mouth and is sent off to be analyzed. A report is given
to the physician describing what medications metabolize in the persons system the best and ones that may have a dampened effect. This is helpful to our individuals because so often they come to us with several medications that are suppose to be doing the
same thing. This test gives the us and the physicians more wisdom when titrating medications up or down..

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