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Morning Star Behavioral Associates exists to create a quality of care that will be the new standard. Our mission is to provide excellence in service, science and compassion in Behavior Analysis, putting people and their dreams first while practicing radical generosity. We will consider our mission accomplished when all individuals with developmental disabilities are participating to the greatest extent possible and as they choose, maximizing physical, social, psychological, intellectual and emotional potential for useful and productive activity alongside their neighboring community members.

our current innovations


the entrepreneurial advancement center for people with disabilities

This is where we isolate the gifts of individuals and use the science of behavior analysis to teach needed skills launching that person in to a place to create their own sustainable small business.

the behavioral center for collaboration and change

This is where our focus is diagnosis and treatments of an array of mental illness and genetic disorders. It is here that we expanded our services to speech and language pathology and counseling services.

the purposed project for adolescents

The Purposed Project is an after-school program that targets at-risk children and their families using precision teaching (a specialization within behavior analysis). This program is purposed to take children from struggling in the school system to thriving while exploring their passions. We are going to be partnering with a local tech company to facilitate the teaching of coding apps, games and software.


Our parent education and training program, better known as Ethos, is meant to bring evidence-based parent education and training to the Missouri Children’s Division clients. Ethos brings a consistent standard of quality services with the intent resulting in positive outcomes for children and families using principals of Applied Behavioral Analysis and the 11 Categories of Independence. It is desired that the parent/guardian will be able to demonstrate one or more new skills taught by the Morning Star staff in their instructional program. This service is provided in a clinic-based group setting, with several opportunities to implement skills with the parent/guardian in the home setting with Morning Star staff and child(ren) present, when possible.

about our area

We love it here! Cape Girardeau is a growing area with approximately 40,000 people, located 100 miles south of St Louis and nestled near Trail of Tears State Park. With a really low cost of living, Cape Girardeau is home to an up-and-coming tech and arts community. Morning Star operates out of state-of-the-art clinical co-sharing workspace that provides the opportunity to be around incredible people who are the best in their field. Take a look at our city website for more details.

we provide a competitive salary and benefits package, but also a great work-life balance

  • Full Time Salary
  • $19,000 Benefit Package
  • Possibility of Over $7,250 a Year in Bonuses
  • Paid Time to Research and Collaborate
  • Paid Time for Reporting
  • Health and Malpractice Insurance
  • Paid Earned Time Off
  • Bonus for Exceeding Standards
  • Bonus for Providing Successful Supervision of Certification
  • CEU Bank for Continuing Education
  • Mileage/Expense Reimbursement
  • Phone & Technology Package
  • Relocation Package/Moving Expenses Available
  • Retirement Contribution

job requirements



leadership duties and responsibilities

  • Be able to thrive in a team environment
  • Work with the Clinical Manager to receive and manage caseload
  • Provide 120 billable units (30 hours) of services per week
  • Completion of thorough observations and writing of functional behavior assessments as delineated by the Behavior Analyst Code of Ethics
  • Completion of ABA intervention as assigned
  • Communication with the parents, residential staff, school/day training personnel, DDPs and office manager on at least every 2 weeks to communicate progress and setbacks
  • Completion of monthly reports
  • Collect data by observations, training other agency staff and agency implementers to collect data
  • Provide positive behavior supports services by either delivering intervention or training and overseeing staff to deliver intervention
  • Complete assessments as appropriate including but not limited to the SIB-R, ADD, QABF and VB-MAPP
  • Develop creative and unique interventions, tailor-made to the person
  • Create materials and forward them to the Clinical Manager for assistance in creating them (i.e. laminating, cutting, copying material)
  • Deliver group instruction
  • Supervise interventionist from Morning Star on the same case
  • Supervise 1 student seeking Board Certification every 5 years
  • Maintain time, mileage and expense records to allow for accurate billing
  • Maintain session case note that corresponds with the billed time
  • Attend both Morning Star and IDT meetings for the individuals served
  • Adherence to the Morning Star Behavioral Associates policies and procedures

physical expectations

  • Must be able to transfer individuals that we serve (gait belt, Hoyer lift). Morning Star will provide training in the appropriate methods for transfers.
  • Must be able to perform basic tasks such as discrete trial and deliver reinforcement at a rate of 15 seconds.
  • Must be able to move with the individual served as they ambulate in their environment.