Based on excellence we strive to provide the least intrusive yet most effective behavioral interventions with  supports that can be sustained by the individuals natural environment.We are a company that holds fast to the technology and the  underlying principles of Behavior Analysis while maintaining our humanity and compassionfor people.Our chief goal is to put the people we serve in the position to not only be independent but to dictatetheir own hopes and dreams as they lead their team on the journey with them.



Who We Are Is Not Nearly As Important As Who We Serve.

We have the blessing and honor of working with a diverse group of people. We specialize in helping adults and children with behavioral concerns and learning difficulties.Our partners are well seasoned in helping individuals with both developmental disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Illness and Autism. We are able to accomplish this through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis.
Our passion is to serve people by putting them in control of their own future. We do this by offering an array of services that are taylor designed for each individual. We find that putting the individual as the pilot of their own life there is not only a greater success rate but a stronger foundation that someone can use to shape their life.

Doing Things Differently

Using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis we employ a complex technology and merge that with compassionate care.Applied behavior analysis finds its foundation by its primary principle “the person is always right”. We believe that every person does things for a reason and that reason has function. When we find the function of the behavior we can help the individual find better ways to interact with their environment. This is accomplished through a scientific approach that includes observations, psychometric testing,evaluation, data collection and graphical analysis of

Understanding Radical Behaviorism

It is common in todays treatment to dismiss the foundation of our field but at Morning Star we insist on its existence and application for the people that we serve.

Taking the Technology to the Fullest Extent

When working with individuals, as a practice, we are committed to the application of scientific literature given its current data base. Behaviorism started with a man named B.F. Skinner who looked at the world through a scientist’s rather than a philosopher’s
perspective. He considered himself a biologist by trade but later took human behavior into a light that could be measured and evaluated rather than speculated based on one persons observation.In radical behaviorism, Skinner, as well as, Morning
Star believe that if it can be seen it can be measured and if it can be measured it can be changed. This is a key in the way treatment is viewed and carried out instead of having a very daunting goal of “communication” we can measure and teach skills  that are integral in this process.

Our Passion

Based on excellence we strive to provide the least intrusive yet most effective behavioral interventions with supports that can be
sustained by the individuals natural environment. We are a company that holds fast to the technology and the underlying principles of Behavior Analysis while maintaining our humanity and compassion for people. Our chief goal is to put the people we serve in the position to not only be independent but to dictate their own hopes and dreams as they lead their team on the
journey with them.

Applying the Principles of Behaviorism

Out of the Lab and into the World

Our Therapeutic Alliance

All of our relationships are driven out of an alliance established by Morning Star with the individual that we serve. This is by far the most important relationship that we will have and the most pivotal part of the treatment program. Within that alliance change and trust occurs.By fostering the relationship that we have with the individual while introducing new and safe opportunities for success in
their environment we create behavioral momentum.Once this alliance has been established we will expand the team one by one as
the individual leads starting with paid staff and continuing to other people in their life in order to customize natural supports.

Cooperative Interaction

Cooperative Interaction is one on the building blocks of what is called the Therapeutic Alliance.This method of care is most of the
time counter intuitive to people providing direct care. In this model the direct support professional will literally give control slowly and gradually to the person to not only reinforce new found independence but also so the reliance that the person has on the support will be weakened.This method teaches not only basic negotiation skills but also a mutual respect for all parties

Programing for the Future From The Start

This is a very different approach than most behaviorist have today, though the body of research is there to support this approach. Programing for the future dramatically effects the way treatment is carried out. Instead of looking at a particular skill or skill set that we may teach a person we look at the other end of the telescope and say “how can this skill dramatically effect this persons life and
what precautions and protocols are needed to be in place in order for this skill to remain in this persons life, for the long haul?”. If any of these questions cannot be answered with a functional skill that can be measured we don’t teach it.

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